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Hi, we are a group from Brazil, and this is our entry for the Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam 2019. 

This game is a shootter about an old firefighter destroying a bunch of flaming aliens with a powerful canon, only one shot can do the work for every enemy, the problem is the necessity for reload in hydrants every time.


Arrows - Moviment

E - Reload the cannon

Z - Shoot

ESC - Pause

Our team:

Alessandro Lima - Pixel Art (IG: @alesslimah) 

Andy Pancini - Pixel Art (IG: @andypancini)

Júnior Araújo - Pixel Art / Animation (IG: @umsamurai)

Lucas Java - Pixel Art / Level Design (IG: @lljava)

Marcos Daniel “Zelda” - Music (IG: @mano_da_blusa_de_lobo)

Ruan Zikaad  - Programming

Install instructions

Download the archive, unzip the file and run the "Game Jaam 2D" exe.


The last Stellar Firefighter - GMTK Game Jam 2019.rar 31 MB

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